Our Berber-style carpets, supplied under our private brand name Berberina™, are 100% handwoven in traditional looms. Their production is consistently implemented ecologically in all stages. Our sustainably produced Berberina carpets conserve the resources of nature and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Kindly note that these carpets are reversible! The usability of both sides is very advantageous, which makes them very hard-wearing and translates to a double product life-time.

Our Berberina collection is a totally hand-woven one, made of 100% Pure New Wool on surface, using the finest NZ wool in Qualities (weight per m2) from 2000gr/mup to 4000gr/m2.  Their overall composition is ca 50% Pure New Wool and ca 50% Jute.


EU standard sizes (cm): 60×110, 60×120, 70×130, 70×140, 70×240, 90×160, 120×180, 160×220, 160×230, 190×290, 290×390, 300×400
EU Bedsets (cm): 2pcs 70×140 / 1pc 70×340, 2pcs 70×130 / 1pc 70×240
US standard sizes: 2’x3′, 2’x4′, 2’x5′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x5′, 5’x7′, 5’x8′, 6’x6′, 6’x9′, 8’x10′, 10’x10′, 10’x14′
US Bedsets: 2pcs 3’x5′ / 1pc 3’x12’

Berberinas can be produced with and without fringes. In various spot colorations or solid colors. All Berberinas are fully reversible.


Olive III
Olive II
Olive I
Aqua III
Aqua II
Aqua I
Terracotta III
Terracotta II
Terracotta I
Lagoon III
Lagoon II
Natural II
Natural I

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