Flokati & Tradition

The Flokati rug has been a part of the Greek culture and tradition for centuries. The origins of the Flokati rug can be traced back to its birthplace, in the mountains of Northern Greece. The Flokatis were originally used as bed covers and clothing, to keep warm during the cold winter months.

Alternately, the Flokati rug was used as an insulation, spread on the floors or hung on the walls to keep out cold and dampness.

The Flokati has been an important part of society in the villages of Northern Greece and because of its necessity in everyday life, it gradually became a part of the dowry of the bride.

The widespread of Flokati all over Greece, inevitably grasped the attention of tourists, who were captivated by it. In the early 1950’s the Flokati become an export product, mainly as a decorative rug adding lifestyle to tradition.

The manufacture of the Flokati has always involved great pride and importance and it has been passed down to future generations, transforming the Flokati into a luxurious area rug that decorates modern homes all around the world.

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