Hand in Hand with Tradition

Currently, Pantelis Pashalidis & Sons S.A. is pioneering developments in carpeting Internet solutions as a full partner in the EU research project Difac. Discover how our drive to innovate is advancing textile industry.

Our company is a member of the DiFac research consortium.  The DiFac (Digital Factory for Human-Oriented Production System) project aims to develop an innovative Collaborative Working Environment for next generation digital manufacturing where new advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will address major company activities, such as product development and demonstration.

Traditional communication methods, such as telephone discussions and emails exchange do not provide the means between the participants to understand one another’s perception in our market.  The knowledge about another person’s perception is essential to enhance cooperation, give the right information or ask the right questions. DiFac is expected to support this phase and manage the activities and difficulties associated with it, incorporating the advantages of web conferencing and VR/AR technology.

At the end of the project Pantelis Pashalidis & Sons S.A. will be able to provide to its customers advanced services and tools using state-of-the-art technologies.  Through our website we will be able to provide the functionality for a web-based collaborative product designing and demonstration. This will also allow us to invite our customers to a real-time online demonstration of our products, thus creating a Virtual Showroom within a rich virtualised environment. A powerful 3D mapping feature will even make possible the projection of life-like images of our carpets and rugs in different rooms and surroundings, for 3D decorative presentations in a realistic environment.

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