The Factory

People & Facilities


e produce our products in the most environmentally friendly way in our premises located in Veria in a more than 15,000m2  production shop floor area, using modern equipment and our customized proprietary weaving technology.


The dedication and expert skills of our weavers can ensure that our rugs are masterfully crafted in order to provide you with a top quality product full of warmth and comfort suitable for all lifestyles. From the spinning of the yarns to the hand-knotting of the fringes.

Management team

The strategic vision and ambition of a skilled and highly experienced leadership team makes Pantelis Pashalidis & Sons S.A.’s position as the global-leading Flokati and Shaggy rugs supplier possible. Our team brings a world’s worth of wisdom and innovation to both the upstream and downstream business, product line and business model.

1, Ag. Triados str., P.O. Box 4
GR-591 32 Veria, Greece

Tel.: +30 23310 23237, +30 23310 24524,
+30 23310 26809, +30 23310 22467

Fax: +30 23310 27434


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